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2017.2 Guangzhou International Prolight+Sound Exhibition

The Guangzhou International Prolight+sound Exhibition held in Guangzhou at 22th-25th, Feb. 2017. Longman company showed many new products on the exhibition, and got a big success.
This Guangzhou International Prolight+Sound Exhibition showed more than 5 new products, newly developed high-tech stage lighting and trusses, the led dance floor, par light, wall washer and gobo light and so on.
Vividance 100: led digital dance floor stage table, you can play text and video. This is the first time show the led dance floor, many customers all like this product.
Keen film 150B: led waterproof gobo lights, gobo can be rotated
Keenfilm 150c: led ultra-small beam gobo lights, long distance projection
Parco zoom 1215: zoom led spot light
Keen film 700A: led waterproof gobo projection light, ultra-high brightness gobo projection light, the gobo can switch
Keen film 600: led gobo light, ultra-high brightness, clear imaging without miscellaneous edge
Strobeholic 1000: led strobe light, rgbw 4 in 1 4 color mixing
Vpowe L800: led wall washer, with rgbw 4 in 1 mixing led
Longman booth in Guangzhou Prolight+sound exhibition

The led dance floor video link: https://youtu.be/ODdx3GCB_WY

customers in Guangzhou Prolight+sound exhibitioncustomers in Guangzhou Prolight+sound exhibitioncustomers in Guangzhou Prolight+sound exhibition

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