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TNSC Invested in Chinese Venture Company Jilin OLED

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Jilin OLED, established in 2005, has made significant progress in the development of high-purity OLED materials and acquired several key customers in China. Since the OLED industry is strongly supported by the Chinese government, Jilin OLED has also incremented both production and R&D capabilities for upcoming OLED materials demands in China. This has resulted in long-term cooperative connections with customers.

Jilin OLED is now expanding their business to markets within and outside of China.

This investment is also a part of executing an electronics business strategy to capture the growing demand in the emerging OLED display market. The TNSC Group will leverage its sales network and corporate brand in the global electronics market to promote Jilin OLED’s products by bundling them with TNSC’s electronics products. Along with the equity investment in Jilin OLED, TNSC and Jilin OLED collaborate in a quality enhancement program of Jilin OLED products by applying TNSC’s quality know-how cultivated in the electronics market. TNSC will also look into collaboration in the research and development of purification technology for OLED materials.

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