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LED Wall Washer, What is that?
A wide variety of LED lights might confuse some people. When they want to buy or replace their old lighting system, they just have no idea which LED lights can be used. There are LED PAR-cans, LED moving head lights, LED Wall washer, and the list goes on. While LED PAR-cans and LED moving head lights can be easily found in some public places, how about LED Wall Washer? You do hear it for few times but what kind of LED light is it? and what are the difference between this type and another LED lights?
LED Wall Washer
Before we go further, have you ever seen a colorful wall or fountain where you are walking somewhere? Or maybe it happens in your house? If you ever seen this, the light source to make such a beautiful light on the wall and fountain is LED wall washer.
LED wall washer is a type of LED which provides indirect lighting to draw attention of people to look at. Usually, it is found in public places and large area just like popular building in town or the city’s fountain. This lighting helps to emphasize the textures more while cleaning up the bad vertical surface and walls.
This type of LED light is available in some different optics such as Cove Lighting, Wall Grazing, and Wall Washer itself. LED Wall Washer (LWW) can be fixed easily in a precise fixture angle. It can also connect until 300 mixtures in a series.
Advantages of LED Wall Washer
As we all know, LED lights consume low power but still offer bright light so it is definitely the advantage we get. It also applies in LED Wall Washer. It is stated above that LWW is mostly used in large and public areas but it doesn’t mean you cannot use it in your home. LWW is a very practical to be installed at home. It is a smart way to decorate your house as it changes the look of your room. LWW can make a dramatic atmosphere or maybe it can add some lighting to the room itself. It needs less effort to change the atmosphere of the room than repainting it all over.
The final result of LWW is usually attractive. It makes people look at up to your room at first time and they will begin to admire it. Just make the architecture and the lighting blend well. If you are looking for an idea to change your house or particularly room, you can always use LWW lights. Be creative to imagine and change your house.

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