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Introduction to Factory Director - Stage Lighting Division

Greetings, I am the Factory Manager at Longman Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., with nearly 14 years of experience in electronic industry management. Throughout my career, I have focused on the stage lighting industry, working towards the comprehensive development of the factory. Here is a brief overview of my background:

Education: Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, dedicated to in-depth study of electronic industry-related knowledge.
Work Experience: Holding various positions in the electronic industry, I have gradually advanced to the position of Factory Manager, overseeing comprehensive management duties.

Team Introduction
Production and R&D Team for Stage Lighting and Equipment

Management Aspects
1.Team Size: I lead a team of over 200 individuals in production and R&D, ensuring efficient collaboration.
2.Materials Inventory Management: We implement precise materials inventory management, optimizing the supply chain to ensure timely availability of raw materials and reduce inventory costs.
3.Production Quality Control: Through a stringent quality management system, we control every aspect of production to ensure products meet high standards.

Continuous Improvement
1.Defect Rate Control: Employing advanced production processes and strict quality inspection procedures, we continuously control the defect rate to enhance product reliability.
2.Production Effectiveness Enhancement: Through process optimization and technical training, we continuously improve production effectiveness to ensure timely delivery of customer demands.

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